Formula E Hydro Zone


Formula E don't do tradition and aren't about to behave like any other motorsport race.

That's why they came to Iris and asked us for ideas on how to inject even more excitement and fan participation into their races.

We found out that Formula E has never had a wet lap, because their calendar follows the sun.

So Iris came up with an idea that puts the power in the hands of the fans, allowing them to put the drivers through the ultimate test.

💧Racing in the wet 💧

We were tasked with how to brand this idea, what to call it and what it looks like.

Introducing HydroZone. A fan-powered water feature integrated into each of the tracks.

By using the #HydroZone hashtag online when prompted, fans activate the HydroZone until it reaches full power, triggering the HydroJets.

The HydroJets will cover the run-up to a chosen corner in a layer of standing water, instantly adding an extra test of driver skill into every race.

This idea has been bought by Formula E and will be making an appearance in Season 5. 



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