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Tresor x Drone

tresor lacher de choc.

Becoming cool in the eyes of teens is HARD.

But that’s exactly what Tresor needed to do to become the cereal of choice for French teens.

So we created the Lacher De Choc campaign (translates to ‘dropping the chocolate’) and set our audience a challenge:

To feed-the-chocovore in epic and extraordinary ways, using a drone.

Which fitted neatly with the on-pack drone giveaway.


We reached teens in all of their favourite places online, bringing the brand back onto their ‘cool’ radar.

influencer content

We worked with 6 different French influencers and Twitch ambassadors to create engaging content showing them using their skills to feed the Chocovore.

in-app digital game

We created an in-app mobile gaming ad unit where teens controlled a drone to drop chocolate into the Chocovore’s mouth. 

drone game1.png
drone game2.png

social games

We created 5 social games to drive participation in the creative idea. 

These went on the Tresor Facebook and Instagram, and the winners got a drone.

Twitch live stunt

But the main event of the campaign was an EPIC live game on one of teen’s favourite platforms.

In a platform first, we built our very own game, Lacher De Choc which could be played by people watching live on Twitch.

Over 3 hours we set off a real drone carrying a piece of chocolate in a field in France.

Teens took to the Tresor De Kellogg’s Twitch channel to collectively move the drone using commands in the chatroom (e.g. !vote q). 

They could vote live to move the drone left/right/forwards/backwards and when in position to drop.

If successful in dropping the chocolate into the Chocovore’s mouth they would move up to the next height level with our max height being 420ft.

To encourage participation we gave away drones after each round.

The stunt was hosted by two French influencers; Pablo Sotes a drone expert and Riadh - Instagram funny guy.

They commentated on the gameplay action as it happened, keeping the viewers excited from beginning to end.

And took on their own challenges and prize giveaways between rounds.

The Choc-nicians (acted incredibly by us) made sure it all ran smoothly, despite a considerable language barrier.

Here are some of the highlights from the 3 hour stream:

The results:

Live views: 39,466

Unique viewers: 30,737

Max concurrent viewers: 1,280

Minutes Watched: 151,476

Minutes watched per user: 4.9 minutes

Chatters: 438

Chat messages: 5,784


Stunt promo twitch pre-roll

To promote the live event we ran a Michael Bay-esque pre-roll on Twitch.



Matt Watson, CD

Sarah Wales, Client Services

Calum Ward, Producer

Pauline Lemaire, Producer

Darren Wood, Creative Technologist

Philippa Rabbit, Designer

Timothee Chesnin, Designer

Wing, Drone Event Production

Jackshoot, Live Broadcast